Shopping Lists

Want to eat sustainably? But don’t know where to begin?


Here are a series of weekly shopping lists for the flexitarian, pescatarian, vegetarian, and vegan -ites. They are meant for individuals, and are built to meet your nutritional needs for the week for the average person based on typical dietary recommendations (though if you’re worried about nutrition, you should consult with an expert, not a random site on the internet). 

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You’re looking to cut back on meat but you can’t just give it up. This is tough- how much meat should you really eat? Eating sustainably while also consuming meat takes a bit more diligence.  This shopping list will give you options to work with. 

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Great! You’re skipping the meat but are sticking to fish. Easier, but also challenging. Lots of fish are harvested unsustainably or with poor practices. This shopping list will give you some tools to address that. 

Woo! You’re skipping both meat and fish. Can’t give up that cheese though huh? I’m with you. Here’s a shopping list that will meet your nutritional needs while giving tips/tricks for sustainability. 

Dang, you’re hardcore. This is the most sustainable diet! WOO. But not always sustainable… you need to be extra diligent to get the nutrients you need, and still take steps to shop sustainbly. Those vegan mini highly processed corn dogs? Probably not good for you or the planet…