Services for Sustainability

A list of services that are active in the area.

Are Farmers Markets too expensive, too far away, or too inconvenient? Consider subscribing to an “ugly” produce subscribtion! They help minimize food waste, provide farmers and vendors an option if their produce gets rejected by supermarkets, are affordable, and are often delivered to your door.

  • Companies like Hungry Harvest, or Imperfect Produce

Want to minimize your food waste, and your waste in general? Consider composting!

  • Composting tips and services if you have a backyard
  • Composting services if you don’t have a backyard.
    • Compost Cab, and others.

Want to go above and beyond? Here are more initiatives you can get involved in:

  • Able to share some space with some friendly honey bees? DC has a beekeepers initiative! Check it out.