Eating EAT-Lancet

Published in mid-January, the EAT-Lancet Commission’s report Food in the Anthropocene opened the floodgates for the debate on what a sustainable diet would mean in terms of both planet and nutrition.

Commended by some and heavily criticized by others, it nonetheless has sparked a critical conversation: how do we eat so that we meet our nutritional needs but don’t destroy the planet in the process (and die)? Important question.

So, to answer that question, this is a blog series about a sustainable diet journey… and begins with trying to translate these (often highly specific) recommendations into an actual diet, with actual meals. And in the process critique the report, both its strengths and weaknesses.

Should be an interesting ride.

Just some more words about this journey, backround, and end goals. Including some decisions that had to be made.

Every used a food scale? Me neither…and what’s a gram anyway?

Breaking it down, shopping list style. Also, figured out my first couple meals. This was after dusting off some math/conversion skills. Check it out!

It’s Friday, and you know what that means? Time to wine down.  Or turn up? 

So it’s only been two days and I already have a lot of opinions.