Eating EAT-Lancet: What is a healthy diet?

During my journey of Eating EAT-Lancet, I watched just about every documentary on food and diet that Netflix has. I also dived into the #carnivorediet trend (its real, its scary, and sounds incredibly unappealing).

Nutrition and the way that nutrition is produced is often talked about in isolation. There’s food production, and then there’s the nutrients we need. But food production currently comes with a hefty environmental impact, therefore so do our nutrients. So is there a way to get the nutrients we need without destroying the planet that produces said nutrients (…and ultimately leading to our own self-destruction)? There has to be. Which is what a “sustainable diet” should be all about. But before getting into that, what is even a “healthy diet”? How is that defined? What are the arguments? Is it paleo? Vegan? Should our brain run on glucose (carbs), or should it run on ketones (fat)? (i.e. the keto diet).

…more to come.

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