Eating Eat-Lancet: Day 1 Shopping List

So now that I’ve cranked some of these numbers out, it’s time to hit the store. And actually, this means that it’s back to a flexitarian diet for me. For the past 3-4 months I’ve been sticking to a vegetarian diet.

As mentioned in the Day 0 post, I’ve lumped somethings together, to make shopping easier and keep my sanity.

Some things on my list (which I tailored, you can see those decisions also in Day 0):

  • A half gallon of milk (I need 6 cups) or 150 grams of cheese (about 9 slices). Obviously cheese.
  • .5 lbs of meat. Chicken it is (paying attention to brand).
  • .25 lbs of fish. Not sure which one, but I’ll use the Seafood Watch App
  • We got some veggies and fruit from Hungry Harvest. Waste not, want not- right?
    • What I still need, I’ll check out the Seasonal Food Guide, and try to stick with those in season.
  • A loaf of whole grain bread.
  • And I’m already stocked on rice, beans, lentils, peanut butter, nuts, and olive oil.


What’s this all about you ask? Check out the overview.

This diet cannot be perfect, you say. Well it’s far from it, check out these critiques.


As mentioned, I tailored the values slightly (decreased) for a diet closer to 2,000 calories. Here’s the original from EAT-Lancet.  

I’m terrible and didn’t have time to eat breakfast (some argue most important meal of the day, I say its a nuance on work days). 

Also, I wanted to make it easy today and meal prepped yesterday for both lunch and dinner. Which was pretty much a simple veggie stir-fry (without egg) (I split the final in two).

  • 200 g of brown rice (grain)
  • 167 g of red bell pepper (red and orange vegetables)
  • 100 g of snap peas (dark green vegetables (I hope))
  • 140 g of onions (other vegetables)
  • 100 g of black beans (legumes)
  • 40 g of olive oil (unsaturated oils)

This caps my limit for grain, legumes, oils, and I technically go over the limit for vegetables. Actually fo vegetables, EAT-Lancet gives a pretty big range- 200 to 600 g per day- so I’m not worried about going over the limit for those. 

So, that leaves fruit, dairy, meat, eggs, fish, tree nuts. I’ll have some fruit and nuts as snacks to reach 2000 calories, but to start off strong today is #veganday. 

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